Sketchnotes of Rabobank & Utrecht JUG present: Clean Coding with Uncle Bob

During the two-day meetup I made sketchnotes of each of Uncle Bob’s sessions, as well as the breakout sessions. Below you can find all of them in chronological order, unaltered, along with a link to the recording of the meetup, and the session’s timestamp. Sadly the breakout sessions were not recorded. Where possible I will try and find a recording of the same talk at another meetup or convention. Keep in mind that these sessions may have been altered since the recording that I link.

Looking for my notes on Clean Architecture? Find them here!

Clean Code I: Args (Java)

Uncle Bob @unclebobmartin

Clean Code II: Craftsmanship and Ethics

Uncle Bob @unclebobmartin

Are You a Professional?

Uncle Bob @unclebobmartin

The Three Laws of Test Driven Development

Uncle Bob @unclebobmartin

The Breakout Sessions

Common Mistakes made in Functional Java

Brian Vermeer @BrianVerm

Note: I’ve not altered the notes, as such they contain errors, like the spelling of the word “lambda” in this one.

The breakout sessions ran simultaneously, so unfortunately I was unable to attend the following session:

Me, My Code and I

Rosanne Joosten @JoostenRosanne