Adventure is out there

Mission: Building a recommendation system using machine learning

Goal: Turn cv's into courses

Location: Jidoka headquarters Mechelen


    - Intelligence: 3rd year Applied Computer Sciences
    - Rations for 60 days
    - A dash of common sense
    - ...

"I have no idea what I'm doing."

That sentence tends to pop into my head every once and a while. And every time it does I tell myself the same thing, or at least I try to: that that is the whole point.

The last couple of months of my school career are right around the corner. Which means that it’s time for my last test: an internship.

For 60 days I’ll be working on a solo project consisting of two parts.

The first is research on the subject of machine learning, and more specifically recommendation systems, and how to put this into practice. The necessary technologies, coding languages, and data, how testing works when working with ML, how to plug a recommendation system into another application. All of this needs to be mapped out and documented in a blueprint. That is my first deliverable.

The second part is actually building a system based on my blueprint, which has two deliverables: the actual system, and documentation in the form of a bachelor thesis.

This brings me to the conclusion of this, my first blog post, and the point of it all.

My hope is that the posts that I will be writing here serve two purposes:

  • An addition to my bachelor thesis, highlighting some important steps I took along the way.
  • Sharing some of the things that I learned and am learning that weren't necessarily taught to me in a classroom, and those seemingly small things that ended up being eye-openers for me when it comes to coding and all things IT.

So far, my studies have supplied me with a good base from which to start my career, and now it’s time to get going. Join me as I venture out into the great unknown.

Internship starting in T-31 days.